Easymodelling is a fully web-based application including Booking/Scheduling, Imaging, Packages, Accounting and many other unparalleled features to allow you to efficiently manage your business, promote your models and reach out to your clients. Easymodelling's extensive functionalities not only helps you save money by facilitating your day-to-day operations, but also allows you to make money as you devote your time in developing and managing your business while eliminating the administrative burden of certain tasks.

Easymodelling is sold as a SaaS (Software as a Service agreement). As a result, you will continuously benefit from all future developments and bug fixes as part of our general licensing agreement. For further information, contact us at[email protected].


Easymodelling has been built by industry experts using the latest web technology. The combined years of experience of the Easymodelling team in the various areas of the IT and Talent/Modelling industries (whether CFO, booker, scout, accounting staff, web developer, etc...) aggregate more than 20, bringing their extensive knowledge of the industry into one and only application.

Easymodelling strives to continuously enhance its product to deliver state-of-the-art and efficient solutions to answer the evolving needs of the modeling industry.




Easymodelling is a fully integrated web-based solution designed for modeling agencies, talent and artist management companies which includes a Calendar, Invoicing, Accounting, Imaging and Packages application and many other features to facilitate your daily life and business more efficient. No local IT infrastructure required, no installation required. Easymodelling has been developed from scratch as one, browser-based system with all of the features combined conveniently in one easy-to-use system. Easymodelling works with all internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

We underwent an extensive development research period selecting which development tools that we would use to create the system, would emphasized reliability, speed, expandability, usability, and most importantly, a proven track record of success. Our system works on the widest variety of operating systems and platforms. Contact us at [email protected] for a full technical breakdown.


The system was created from the beginning to work with the many different types of modeling agencies around the world including networks/groups of modeling agencies where sharing information is fundamental in optimizing resources.

Easymodelling has been developed as a multi-language platform. Easymodelling is today available in English, French, German and Spanish. Other languages are available on demand.


Easymodelling is headquartered in Switzerland, with technical and company resources in Spain, India and the US. Technical and customer support is localized, so all customers have a familiar voice for help when they need it.

With an extensive development-planning process, Easymodelling is the most powerful modeling agency, talent and artist management software on the market.

We care about your information and your business. We have therefore outsourced our IT infrastructure to one of the leading telecom providers in the country who provides hosting, back-up and large bandwidth to ensure a fast response, data security and reliability.

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