Easymodelling allows you to create users, to define access rights and track user activity. In addition, the application comes with a set of customizable options so as to make your Easymodelling experience an unforgettable one.


Easymodelling allows you to create unlimited¹ users and to define their access rights based on their profile (booker, accountant, art department, agency director, ...).

Easymodelling provides restrictive rights for key confidential information. It is up to the Agency Administrator to define who and/or what information can be accessible and/or printed. Application can restrict mass printing and/or exporting, so that your data is safe and protected.
You may restrict users from creating, deleting or even emailing information.

Allow users to lock their own events and limit others from editing them. Block invoiced events from being modified after the invoice has been issued to your client. Limit access to your Accounting team so that they can issue the corresponding credit note to cancel an issued invoice.

Easymodelling offers Agency Administrators an efficient audit tracking system, which records your users key activities within the application from creating or amending a or an event to sending your clients a bio, a portfolio or a package. Monitor your users' daily/weekly activities.

Easymodelling permits to set user-specific settings from measurements displaying (metric vs. imperial), to your own language (Easymodelling is available in English, French, Spanish, German and soon to come Italian and Portuguese), to a set of specific menus or display options.

Multi-Agency - Information sharing

Last, but not least, if you are the owner of more than one modeling agency, you will certainly be interested in this unique feature that no other software provider offers in this industry. Are you interested in optimizing your resources? Set the level of information you wish to share amongst your agencies. From a simple uploaded image, to a biography, to scanned documents to event information, your agencies will benefit from the mutual sharing of information: avoid unnecessary calls to determine the availability of a model, share uploaded images to create portfolios, share documents so you can maintain full use of your resources to conduct and grow your business.

1> Easymodelling's pricing scheme is based on the number of user subscription within your agency, therefore although you may create unlimited number of users, pricing may vary accordingly.

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