Managing your s

Easymodelling's s offers numerous features to efficiently manage and efficiently promote them to your clients. Create as many addresses to locate him/her while he/she travels the world for jobs, shows, photo shoots,....

Easymodelling allows each of your bookers to create a shortcut list of their preferred models so as to quickly access key information wherever you are when navigating through the application.

Display s' name by either First name followed by Last name or the vice-versa, or just select his/her Alias name. Quickly view your In-town s, access his/her Calendar or his/her portfolios or even email him/her through conveniently situated shortcuts throughout the application.

The application integrates with commonly used messaging systems (Skype, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter,....) to allow you to determine which of your is currently online. In addition, by installing Click-to-Call add-on from Skype directly into your browser, quickly call your s. This feature is also available to contact your clients.

Attributes / Model/Talent stats

Select from our extended list of Attributes, those that you want to particularly track for your s.

Attributes converter

Another unique feature to Easymodelling is its Attribute converter.
Easymodelling automatic converter displays values from the metric system to US/UK measurements based on your user's personal settings.

Similarly, you no longer need to worry when sending portfolio packages to your clients concerning the display of attributes or language. Your clients just need to select their personal settings and our system will automatically convert from Metric to Imperial to UK measurements and vice-versa.

Create as many biographies you deem necessary to promote your whether in English, Spanish or any other language.
Assign them to a portfolio so as to be viewed by those visiting your own website or when opening a package.

Easymodelling allows you to scan, upload and archive any document related to your (his/her model management agreement, working permits, driver's license, agreement with clients, mother agency agreement,....). You can set alert dates so as to be reminded of documents about to be expired. As a result, you can access them for viewing from anywhere even while on the road. Our application maintains an archive by where all documents are stored.


Our Go-See list tool allows you to quickly identify when a was last seen by a casting director or any other contact you have defined as such. Easymodelling lets you define Go-See contacts within each of your clients in order to track down last visits.


The 's accounting menu contains basic invoicing information so as to allow you to invoice your clients, pay your s and retain any withholding. Easymodelling allows you to define your 's commission rate. Set it as the default value or specific. Include his/her withholding tax rate to determine her net revenue.
Manage your 's mother agency (Easymodelling handles up to 2 mother agencies) with whom you share commission. Determine whether the calculation is made on the fee or net. Define a time period until when such commissions are due, after which the system no longer computes them.
Manage your 's payment information (bank transfer or payment by cheque).

Catering to the specific needs of your industry

Although designed for the modeling industry, Easymodelling is an extremely versatile system, which can be adapted to any business managing staff. Simply change the terminology to answer the specific needs of your business. Whether you are managing promoters, doctors, translators, Easymodelling caters to many industries. Furthermore, our flexible invoicing system can be quickly adapted to once again answer to the requirements of your peculiar business. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information at info@easymodelling.com.

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