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EASYMODELLING fully integrates with
In addition to embedding our Imaging solution onto your own website, you can now also fully integrate it into your own Facebook page. It consequently allows you to enhance your communication and boost your target audience by providing constant updated content. In other words, manage in one location all of your s' portfolios which automatically replicate in all your media communication tools, i.e. your website and your Facebook page.

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The implementation implies the creation of a menu option called "Imaging" on your page (on the left screenshot).

The visitors of your page will simply need to click on it to access your Imaging and consequently the Boards/Divisions with the respective s' portfolios.

Compressed View

The solution currently offers 6 different display layouts. In addition, you can choose from a set of pre-established colors.
If a video or a bio is assigned to the 's portfolio, illustrative icons automatically appear to allow the visitor quick access.
Finally, the Print icon allows the visitor to print the 's portfolio. You can enable/disable this feature directly in your settings page.
Finally, 's Attributes are displayed based on the settings set for Boards.

Standard layout

Horizontal layout

Vertical Thumbnail Layout

Book View

Large Image

Further customization is available upon request. Please contact us to obtain a quote on your specific development needs.

Last but not least, your visitors will be able to select from our options menu, their personal settings as to language and measurement system (metric vs. imperial or other). Our Attributes are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian or German.

For additional information, download our presentetion summary by clicking on the icon