Easymodelling's Package solution allows you to email your clients:
- a set of your s' Portfolios,
- their biography, or just
- a simple Image from their archive.

Our Package solution sends an email to one or more clients containing a link to the selected s' portfolio(s). Upon clicking the link, Easymodelling's Imaging solution opens up on your client's internet browser.

Speed-up the sending process by creating distribution lists to reach out to your clients via our mass mailing functionality.

Customize your Packages to your clients by selecting not only your preferred language, but also by adding your agency logo, by choosing a viewing format available from numerous display options (please refer to our Imaging capabilities) including font type, font size, font color, background color or background image.

Our Package editor tool assists the user in quickly creating in an easy 4 steps process the desired Package to send to his clients.
Assign s to a package; reorder the sequence in which you want them to be displayed.
Agents can also refer and use other agents' packages and mailed to clients. Interested in discovering Easymodelling, do not hesitate to contact us for a live webdemo.

Tracking delivery

Undertaking mass mailing of Packages to your clients can only prove to be successful if, indeed, your clients view the sent packages. Easymodelling offers the ability to check out which and when your clients opened a package. Contact them to obtain immediate feedback once a package is opened. Through our dashboard, monitor and measure your agents' penetration effort of opened packages within this month, the past month or from a range of dates.

For additional information, download our presentetion summary by clicking on the icon