Easymodelling's invoicing system is designed to cater to the fashion industry's requirements. An invoice can include one or more together with their respective billable items. Record all billable items for selected s. From simple fittings, to travel days, to jobs and campaigns (rights/royalties), Easymodelling's flexible invoicing system exceeds by far any existing invoicing system in today's fashion industry.

Billable events

The system offers three simple alternatives when invoicing:

Standard mode:

Enter the quantity and Fee and system automatically calculates the 's commission and client's service charge as well as the total amount.

Total mode:

Enter the Total and system automatically reverse-engineers the Fee based on the client's service charge.

Manual Mode:

Enter or change any value manually and system automatically calculates the missing elements of the equation.

Mother Agency Commission

Easymodelling computes up to two mother agency commissions calculated either on the Fee or the Net as defined in the 's accounting file. Validity of commissions can be set to lifetime or up to a certain date, after which the system no longer computes any mother agency commission.
In addition, the Dashboard reminds agency owners of any mother agency agreement expiring within a specified time period so that they remain always knowledgeable on all aspects concerning the business.

Invoicing expenses

In addition to invoicing regular billable items, Easymodelling allows you to track and invoice expenses to your clients incurred in connection with a booking, which are incurred and paid by either the or the agency.
Furthermore, our expense module allows you to add your commission (mark-up) for services rendered in connection with invoicing either the client or the .

Handling of multiple currencies

Easymodelling allows you to invoice billable events in any currency, which, in turn, can be different from the invoiced currency billed to your client or from your accounting currency. The same applies to expenses incurred in connection with a booking and which are ultimately invoiced to the client.

Invoice Layout

In addition to the standard invoice format, we can design and include any invoice layout specific to your agency. Do not hesitate to contact us to define your requirements.

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