Embed our Imaging solution onto your website

Our Imaging solution can be easily embedded onto your website which offers numerous functionalities to ensure that your agency's corporate identity is well maintained. Features include background color, a personalized image, a selection of font type and color, a list of attributes in 6 different languages displayed using an integrated measurement converter system from metric (kilos, centimeters, meters,...) to imperial (i.e. pounds, inches, feet,...).

System also permits to display a secondary measurement along side your primary one so that you may display a model's height in both metric and imperial.

Finally, visitors of your website have the ability to directly access your Imaging and change their respective settings and therefore display attributes in a different language than your website's default language.

Image Uploader

Our image uploader tool allows you to select and upload multiple images at once facilitating the task of your Art department.

Once uploaded, you have the ability to crop, resize and zoom the images to best fit into your website.

You may also tag your image with a number of metadata to facilitate the search of a given image. Metadata includes photographer, hair & make-up artist, stylist, publication magazine, publication year, assign image keywords,...

All your s' images are stored in their respective archive divided into an active and inactive archive. The inactive archive allows you to alleviate the active one from unwanted images so as to facilitate the portfolio creation process.

Furthermore, Easymodelling allows you to embed audio and video files hosted in platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo,...

You can later assign these to a selected portfolio to be viewed concomitantly with your s' portfolio.

Create unlimited Portfolios

With Easymodelling, you can create as many portfolios you deem necessary to promote your Talent/Model. Our application offers the ability to create portfolios for specific needs (bathing suits, fashion shows, commercial, ...) all with their own set of images, videos and biography.

Upcoming developments: specific portfolios for Polaroid images and set of composites.

Simplest Portfolio creation process

Easymodelling's portfolio creation was voted best functionality amongst any industry competitor with our simple drag & drop functionality to organize your 's portfolio. Simply select the images to form part of your 's archive and then drag and drop to reorder them within the portfolio.


Easymodelling allows you to create as many boards (also called divisions) necessary to promote your s, such as Women, Men, Plus sizes, Kids, Commercial, Shows,...
You may also create internal board such as "internal scouting" to maintain in one location your upcoming s. Internal boards can be hidden from the general public.
Define a set of attributes or stats for each board.
Assign your s to each board based on your promotional requirements.
Choose from different display options which range from a wall of images 2 rows by 4 columns, 2 by 6, 3 by 6 or even 4 by 6, or from animated flash layouts such as Dock Menu, Image Flow to Photo stack. Our development team is available to design tailor-made solutions to answer your specific needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us at for a webdemo to show you our different solutions.
Should your requirements not be answered by our existing Imaging solutions, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quote.

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