Our Client Relationship Management module allows you to create and maintain your client database with their respective contacts. Integrates with Skype and contains many other useful features to make your Easymodelling experience a unique one.

Easymodelling easily integrates with Skype so that you can call your clients or your s through a simple mouse click. Key contact information is available in all sections of the application..

Our Client Relationship Management module lets you assign types to your clients (such as fashion designers, photographers, hair & make-up artists, stylists, mother agencies, ...) so as to facilitate searching through your database. Equally, you may create contacts within each of your clients, in particular those considered "Go-See" contacts, key to developing your business, so that you can quickly view when your s last visited them.

The Client's billing section contains all critical information to allow you to invoice your clients, including the ability to invoice your client to another name and address. Easymodelling allows you to define a default or specific Client Service Charge commission. It also handles VAT/GST or similar tax calculation. Finally, you may register your clients VAT or other Tax Identification Number, which, in turn, can be printed on the invoice.

The document section allows you to scan and upload any document (such as contracts, agreements, or others) related to your client so as to maintain all your history in one and only location.

Linked to our dashboard, other users within your agency are automatically made aware of addition or changes made to your Client database. Our useful reminder tool in our dashboard reminds you of your contacts' birthdays, documents about to expire and many other features.

Equally as in the module, you can create a list of your favorite clients so that these can be quickly accessible through shortcuts all across the application.

Distribution list

Create distribution list of various contacts to email or mass-market your packages of s.


Another unique feature offered by Easymodelling is the ability to access Calendar by client. Therefore, use your Calendar in the same way you would for your s and book your Client's casting requests, go-sees, your various calls and many other client related activities.

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