Early during its conceptual phase, Easymodelling has been designed to include all aspects to record all related accounting entries and to export into an accounting package.

Chart of accounts and VAT/GST definition

Easymodelling includes a chart of accounts mapping to allow you to export related accounting data into an accounting package.
Easymodelling has a versatile VAT/GST module which handles different VAT rates and bookkeeping. For further details, access our user manual.

Text engine generator

Our system allows you to generate your own accounting description text so as to customize your own book entries.

Accounting entries

In addition to standard industry invoicing practices, Easymodelling contemplates the ability to add specific accounting entries to take into consideration local regulatory requirements when calculating model net fees.


Easymodelling has been designed to allow you to easily export invoicing information into an accounting package. Map the required fields to be generated and exported.

Client/[Model/Talent]/Mother Agency statement

You don't have any accounting package. Easymodelling maintains:
- Client statements which list paid/unpaid invoices as well as canceled invoiced through credit notes
- statements which display model's jobs with possible deductions such as withholding tax, VAT (if considered independent), etc...
- Mother Agency statements which display commissions computed based on the model gross or model net (see our invoicing section for more details).
Since Easymodelling handles multi-currencies, statements can be maintained in the accounting or in the invoice currency.

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